Radio Algeria International is the first continuous news channel to have been launched on 19 March 2007 by the Algerian Radio .
Broadcasting in four languages, namely Arabic, French, English and Spanish, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Radio Algeria International focuses its programs on topical national and international news through continuous reporting and the staging of free-wheeling debates with the presence in the studios of a host of  specialists, consultants and managers representing  different sectors of activity.
These fruitful debates focus on economic, political, social, sporting and cultural issues.
Radio Algeria International is also interested in the follow-up of national and international events through the dissemination of news reports delivered by  journalists/reporters with related analyses that are immediately brought to the attention of listeners as well as through the scheduling of debates on various aspects related to the event of the day with the highlighting of the Algerian point of view vis-à-vis the topic addressed.
Radio Algeria International endeavors to involve national actors who have thus the opportunity to express on the air their views on issues related to the rapid progress and increased development of  Algeria in all areas including political, social, economic, cultural and sports.
The multifarious program schedule of Radio Algeria International channel includes fifteen (15) detailed news broadcasts which are aired daily in the four languages as follows:
*Eight (08) major Arabic-language editions, including one economic edition and another one dedicated to Maghreb news.
*Five (5) French language editions including an African edition and an edition devoted to economic news.
*A daily edition in English language broadcast from 14h 30 mn to 15h, including current news topics and topical programs.
*A daily edition in Spanish language broadcast from 15h to 15h 30mn, including current news topics and topical programs.
*About ten news flashes.



As for its internal organization, Radio Algeria International is made up of four editorial services shared out, according to the language of broadcast.
The latter operate under the guidance of an Editor-in-Chief and his or her collaborators in close conjunction with the Central Editor-in-Chief who plays the role of coordinator-relay between the four services for all matters concerning the smooth management and rigorous follow-up of the daily work of the journalists of the channel.
In addition, Radio Algeria International relies on the contribution of the sub-directorate in charge of programming and control of broadcasting, regarding the handling of all issues related to the program schedule which is duly included in the operational roadmap.
In addition, this sub-directorate ensures the sound design of the channel and develops trailers and commercials.


Arabic: the broadcasting percentage is estimated at 55%.
French: the broadcasting percentage is estimated at 35%.
English: the broadcasting percentage is estimated at 5%.
Spanish: the broadcasting percentage is estimated at 5%.

 Broadcast frequencies of Radio Algeria International:

        Wilayas / Provinces in Algeria
94.6Mhz - 90.5 6Mhz - 91.2Mhz- 105.3Mhz- 104.7 Mhz
101.4 Mhz
105.0 Mhz
Blida - Tlemcen - Sidi Bel Abbes -Ain Témouchent - Oran
101.5 Mhz
Naâma - Mechria
94.1 Mhz
Relizane- Chlef
104.4 Mhz
102.1 Mhz
Bejaia -Tizi Ouzou -Bouira
95.0 Mhz
95.6 Mhz - 101.5 Mhz
95.9 Mhz
Constantine- Oum El Bouagui- Mila - Skikda
104.3 Mhz
Setif- Bordj Bouarreridj -Jijel
107.1 Mhz
Souk Ahras - Taref- Annaba-Guelma
98.4 Mhz
And by satellites:
*NILE SAT- ARAB SAT (For Arab countries)
*NSS7 (For African countries)
*AB3 (Atlantic Ocean)
And on the Algerian radio’s website: